Description of the project

More and more stakeholders are finding that prohibition and the ban on cannabis are not only wrong, but also harmful in many ways. The war on drugs which also includes cannabis, adversely affects many lives, enables the spread of uncontrolled and dangerous black market, unsuccessfully attempts to reduce access of minors, impedes the use of cannabis for medical purposes, criminalizes and stigmatizes users and professionals working in this field, slows down the development and implementation of research, puts a considerable burden on police and judicial systems, etc. Certain experts worldwide become aware of the above facts and a national organization Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) was formed in the United States, which accepted the evidence-based Declaration of the principles for the legalization of cannabis. Also elsewhere in the world, including Slovenia, there is a need to change a long-standing but ineffective approach. This is supported by more and more doctors, other experts and researchers. We have decided to contribute to this process, to the best of our abilities, after there has been an urge by the civil society for many years. In November 2016 we hosted the DFCR at the I.CANNA.BLOG and then formed an interdisciplinary Organizing and Honorary Committee for the preparation of the Declaration of Principles for the regulation of cannabis in the Republic of Slovenia, the Doctors Committee has also been joined as a supporting body.

The Purpose and aim of the project

With this declaration, we aim to encourage professional colleagues doctors and researchers from various fields, like health, social work, sociology, psychology, education, law, chemistry, biology, agronomy, economics, history, human rights, harm reduction, etc., to a critical reflection on the regulation of cannabis and to provide support for this declaration within the Doctors' Committee. The declaration is not a legally binding document, but rather it expresses standpoints that are useful for further appropriate action by decision makers in the direction of evidence based and common-sense regulation in this field.

An Invitation to Medical Doctors and PhD’s

Dear Medical Doctors, PhD’s of Different Disciplines and citizens of Slovenia - We kindly invite you to support the Declaration of Principles for the regulation of cannabis in the Republic of Slovenia. You can express your support by writing to this e-mail:, and in addition to your name, surname and education, you may also briefly provide any additional information about your work, memberships, etc., that you wish to be stated within the Doctors' Committee. Such annotations do not mean that the declaration is supported by the given organization, but in every case it indicates personal support.

We appeal to other experts, the media, and general public, to encourage effective regulation of cannabis as an alternative to prohibition.


We thank everyone who supports this Declaration of the principles for the regulation of cannabis, despite the still present stigmatization of this area. By giving your support you are contributing the voice of reason for the necessary changes in this field, which will be useful for the individual as well as for the entire society.


ICANNADoctors for Cannabis Regulation


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