Date: 31.01.2021

''After a few weeks of taking it, I found that my heart was no longer racing and that I hadn’t forgotten anything important for a some weeks.''


Burnout, Male, 47 years old
PHOTO: Francisco Moreno

Last year, I began to notice changes in psychophysical well-being. Despite being an athlete, a mountaineer and eating a healthy diet, I noticed a loss of muscle strength, low energy levels, I lost my breath fast, poor sleep, my heart racing, I was irritable, and I forgot important things more and more often. At first of all, I attributed all this to my age, as I sure you heard, it all goes downward after 45 and everyone knows that.

My symptoms continued, headaches were added to them, and more and more often it happened that I came to a room and forgot why I had come there in the first place. When I barely made it up the small neighboring hill, that I have run up a few months ago I decided to visit my doctor. They ran the basic tests, that all showed normal values. I also did a number of specialist examinations, from cardiological, internistic medicine, pulmonology, MRI imaging, in-depth biochemical tests. All these investigations and then the long and tense waiting for the results are also an often-overlooked stress. The results were all OK and the doctor concluded that it was probably chronic fatigue or burnout. There is no cure for this anyway, so the best you can do is to accept the life with this bunch of symptoms and feeling unwell.

Since I have been active all my life, professionally and personally, the idea that I have to come to terms with such symptoms was by no means acceptable. I was browsing the internet and sooner or later I came across the experiences of people taking CBD, even for burnout. When I saw a flood of products in online stores, I was very confused about what to buy and how to take these products. It was difficult to find professionals or doctors who are familiar with these molecules and are willing to advise. My personal doctor told me that he knows nothing about it, but that this CBD is probably jusr a supplement that companies sell to make money, the current hot bun. Through a colleague, I contacted experts who advised me what and where to buy and how to use CBD. I bought CBD at a pharmacy in Austria and started slowly with a few drops of 5% oil solution a day. Within a week, I noticed significant changes. First, I noticed changes in my sleep, after more than 6 months I had 6 hours of solid sleep in one night. I also noticed that I started dreaming differently and remembered the dream in the morning. Then I noticed that I had more energy during the day and also more muscle strength. I could walk up the neighboring hill again. After a few weeks of taking it, I found that my heart was no longer racing and that I hadn’t forgotten anything important for a some weeks. I continued taking CBD and felt better and better. As if my body found some new balance. Within 4-5 months, all my symptoms were gone. Even if I forget to take CBD for a day or even a week, it does not affect my well-being. Now that I have been feeling well for some time, I only use the CBD drops when needed, if I feel tired or have a busy day at work, then I take some in the evening, otherwise only now and then. I live actively again, run, walk in the hills, sleep well and remember what I went to the store for. I can breathe with full lungs and im looking forward to new challenges.


Male, 47 years old Burnout JANUARY 2021
Dr. Arno Hazekamp Cannabis in the Netherlands DECEMBER 2020