The special attention is given to education about hemp, cannabinoids and other substances as well as to the analyst of the cannabinoids. Institute's belief is that the high-quality education and training is the key to improve the work of the experts and to ensure the health and the safety of the public.

As part of this mission, we work to implement one-day introductory educational programs for professionals of different profiles (doctors, teachers, psychologists, counselors, therapists ...) as well as follow-up one day training adapted to the specific needs of our learners. The institute cooperates with Kenevir Research (Oregon, USA) to develop educational programs and potentially bring their intensive four-week education program, Concepts of Cannabis Science (I & II), to Europe.

Other educations, symposiums and round tables can be organized by Institute in cooperation with some other relevant factors. Those educations are suitable to the needs of the parents, users, public bodies, etc.
Institute is trying to provide the cooperation with higher education institutions or other educational organizations in order to promote awareness and to encourage research of the hemp and cannabinoids. Expert members of Institute are participating various congresses, seminars and other types of training as the lecturers or as learners.

According to the practical needs, Institute provides the education and consulting about methods of „Cannabinoid profiling“, estimating of concentrations of individual cannabinoids „Cannabinoid potency testing“ and the interpretation of lab results.


There has been a lot of time and effort intended to the research of the hemp lately, but still too little, according to its outstanding potential. The institute is trying to carry out the basic and useful research, which are cannabinoids-oriented: bio medicine, chemistry, analysis chemistry, microbiology, bio chemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, pharmacology, botany, ecology, agronomy, etc.

According to the fact that the cannabis affects the social aspects, Institute is also active in several social-medical and social researches. With integration of several disciplines, where this is needed, the interdisciplinary approach is granted. Such an approach provides the handling of the problems and research theme. Institute working towards the cooperation with other research organizations.

Institute is developing the recipe in the field of using hemp in nutrition products. These are providing high-quality and safe use, as well as placing added value as compared with the similar products. Institute cooperates at the development of new food products in order to launch it on the market.


Institute cooperates in regular or occasional bases with several labs for the analysis of cannabinoids, terpene, flavonoids and other biological active substances. Special attention is paid to verification of residue content in fitopharmaceutic preparations (pesticide, fungicides, etc), in products (compliance with bio and eco codes) and analysis of heavy metal content, if needed.

Institute is monitoring the safety of the product in perspective of contamination (microbiological analysis) and it can give an opinion of different lab analysis.

Institute is aware of the problems facing the analysis of cannabinoids. Those problems are due to the uncoordinated protocol in preparation of samples, different analysis methods, standards, etc. This effects the evaluating of derogation of different lab results. This is the reason why Institute stands for so called “Circle tests”. Those tests would identify labs which implements the analysis of cannabinoids correctly and in the frames of derogation.
Institute is aiming to establish the reference lab for analysis of cannabinoids.


Institute for its own purposes and under an order from the clients provides the services in the field of cannabinoids. This means monitoring and preparing of expert opinion, to give its view, publishing the articles in expert and non-expert literature, implementing the knowledge into practice, counseling, promote awareness, including in public debates, cooperation in lawmaking, etc.

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