Description of the project

I.CANNA.BLOG is a thematic blog of the institute ICANNA, where we will monthly host an interesting writer. Each will present his own unique view, novelties, problematic,current questions, initiatives, suggestions and thoughts on hemp and cannabis. We will invite authors from diverse fields and also in this way encourage engaged discussions in this filed from different points of view. In spite the fact that a lot is already written about hemp and cannabis, pivotal information in sometimes lost in the information overflow. This is one of the reasons why we chose the magazine Viva as our partner in this project and together we are devoted to add a high quality contribution to this fascinating topic.

The Purpose and aim of the project

Institute ICANNA is dedicated to raise awareness, encourage exchange of opinions and promote collaborations. With the project I.CANNA.BLOG we will strive for all of the above. And step by step, month by month we will try to de-sigmatize cannabis and hemp. The more credible and diverse points of view there will be, the closer we will get to achieving the purpose of this project., by reducing fear, misconceptions and resistance in the development of this field. 

The invitation for readers

Dear readers, we invite you to join us each first Friday of the month for our I.CANNA.BLOG, that you can follow on the web page of the institute ICANNA. In this project we are collaboration with VIVA, the magazine for better life style, so we recommend reading this monthly magazine.

Thanks to the authors

The idea od the I.CANNA.BLOG has been born at Institute ICANNA, where it is also carried out. But the essence of the I.CANNA.BLOG is driven by the insightful thoughts of the esteemed authors. So we thank all of you, who will accept our invitations already in advance for sharing your insights with our readers.




The posts on the I.CANNA.BLOGu reflect the personal views of the authors. The Institute ICANNA is not responsibile for the published standpoints.


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