The peaceful world of cannabis

Date: 06.07.2018

''I see cannabis through a personal experience that has shaped my vision: it is similar as with food, drink, relationships and everything that surrounds people; use common sense.''


Jurij Hudolin
Writer, poet and editor

With the word cannabis, the conservative, uneducated and god-fearing people instantly imagine the drug and the drug addicts, tramps and petty thiefs. People are still frowning at the word cannabis or are sacredly smiling, as if they have just recognized the general source of the evil. The more educated ones, the hotshots who have somewhere, sometime heard a sound scientific evidence-based debate on cannabis are immediately convinced that cannabis causes schizophrenia, which might partly be true, albeit schizophrenia is aggravated by reckless consumption of many other substances, perhaps gluttony itself, since any gorging and stuffing is a disease. 
A lot of damage was done by the media, especially columns such as black chronicles, where cannabis is in the same basket with synthetic and hard drugs, criminals are all the same, those with cannabis and those with heroin and also in the prison we find them together with murderers and thieves of bikes. General awareness concerning cannabis is still very miserable and most people over thirty do not know the basic parameters and data on the biological and chemical genesis of cannabis, which is why they still perceive it as a drug, a sideway, and the killing of common sense awareness. Today people judge fast and indiscriminately, we should have learned by now that judgement is dangerous, much more so than putting on a cannabis based cream or smoking a joint of dry weed, which everyone first thought when we mention cannabis.
If we listen to the majority, then we are certainly not on the right track. Mostly people follow the voice of individuals, and history and life experiences teach us that this voice is often wrong, dishonest and misleading. It is first necessary to rely on empiricism, one’s own experience and with cannabis it is the same.
Cannabis, including the varieties with low THC content, is an extremely useful and beneficial thing, not only in rope-making or cosmetics, it can also relieve pain, calm us down in the afternoon, we can meditate, fall asleep and feel peaceful, which is what the world needs the most. Cannabis is one of the stronger natural opponents to the pharmaceutical industry and I am definitely on her side, because I respects the beneficial effects she offers.
In recent years, there is a fashion (I use the word fashion because people are not educated and therefore not aware) that metastatic cancer patients use cannabis to relieve the disease. However, whether it really relieves the disease or whether it cures it, we do not know, there is too little scientific evidence to claim either. I see cannabis through a personal experience that has shaped my vision: it is similar as with food, drink, relationships and everything that surrounds people; use common sense. This naturally occurring plant (we do not lean enough on nature and we take it too easily) is only controversial due to THC. Has anyone thought about why datura or a thousand other, less-widely-known plants are not controversial? No, and we're back at ignorance again. For example, cannabis has a very beneficial effect on me, although I do not count as a regular consumer, but I know enough about it to believe that cannabis, including varieties with higher THC content, should be liberalized. If alcohol is legal, albeit it is proven to be much more harmful for health than cannabis, that has empirically given much more positive effects to the sociological and health dimensions of the society, then there is no debate at all.
And also: if stupidity has been permitted for centuries, I do not see why cannabis would not be.


Male, 47 years old Burnout JANUARY 2021
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