Safety of cannabis consumers comes first!

Date: 07.10.2016

''Cannabis and hemp do without a doubt deserve their place among food and medicinal products, but keeping in mind that the safety of cannabis consumer comes first.''

As news of proven and potential benefits of cannabis therapies spreads to global patient populations, the demand for cannabis and cannabinoid products is pushing countries to legalize access and fueling the global industry to provide products with cannabinoids. Currently many countries still face prohibition, leaving patients no other choice but the purchase at the black market.

Some countries however are changing the cannabis legislation and enabling the production of various types of cannabis for medical use and evolving industrial cannabis regulations to include wellness and health products that are being developed for international markets. However, in the absence of regulations of such products, patients and consumers must enter a “buyer beware” market in purchasing products outside of pharmacies where there is no way to determine if cannabis medication, cosmetic or food was produced in accordance with quality standards or any other consumer safety information.   

Independent studies have found that even in legal cannabis markets the industry is struggling with consistency of basic safety information like proper labeling of active ingredients*.  Why so? Reasons might vary from improper laboratory methods used for measuring concentrations of herbal and/or extracted material, inconsistent batch samples, lack homogenization in products, and unsuitable packaging and/or stocking practices for shelf life of active ingredients. The basic consumer safety is further compounded by unscrupulous advertising and marketing, that is promising medical benefit of products without substantiation of claims or transparency of ingredients. Such cases are not only unethical and dangerous for consumers but are also jeopardizing the progress of the cannabis industries.

The multidisciplinary approach applying relevant scientific knowledge is helping to solve actual or potential issues in cultivation, production, distribution as well as laboratory testing. International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute in collaboration with strategic partners combines biomedical, life and policy sciences, creating a platform for excellence in research, development and innovation of sustainable and stable practices meeting consumer safety needs in future. But there is no time to reinvent the wheel as cannabis users and patients in particular are aware of their consumer rights to navigate safely across the blooming cannabis marketplace. Thus ICCI will scale the Patient Focus Certification program, developed by American for Safe Access and already works on localization for international use starting with EU regulation compatibility of certification criteria.

This is the first available quality certification program which respects specific needs of cannabis production and distribution chain and provides necessary education for relevant professionals in the cannabis industry to excel with their products and services quality.

Cannabis and hemp do without a doubt deserve their place among food and medicinal products, but keeping in mind that the safety of cannabis consumer comes first.

An invitation for experts

A seminar Patient focus certtification for responsable production and cannabis products quality organized in collaboration with Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic from 15th till 17th November. For more information please contact us or or watch ICCI facebook for registration.


*Vandrey R., Raber J.C, Raber M.E., Douglas B.,Miller C. Bonn-Miller M.O.: Cannabinoid Dose and Label Accuracy in Edible Medical Cannabis Products. JAMA 23/30, 2015.


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