A path to awareness

Date: 03.11.2017

''I learned that it is necessary to check the source of cannabis, where it is coming from and with what purpose it was grown.''

The insight that cannabis is a very useful, healing and almost magical plant, came for me  in my early twenties when i came in contact with this plant, this time more conscious then before.  My journey began when I become ill, the diagnosis chronic inflammation of the large intestine, that would stay with me my whole life, claimed the experts. Due to the complicated nature of the disease, that manifested even as sepsis and multi organ failure I has hospitalized many times, the medication for symptom relief were very invasive and had severe side effects, that led to longer and more frequent hospitalizations, I even landed on the operating table, some of the consequences have stayed with me up to today.
The fact that the prescribed medication did not promise healing and had severe side effects was not acceptable for me, so I searched all available sources that promised healing or at least improvement of the symptoms. Soon my search lead to a plant I knew from my youth and from tales of old farmers. Cannabis was leading in the number of scientific papers published and maybe it was to be my chance.

When I was using cannabis to tame my intensive and disciplined work tempo and relieve symptoms of my disease, I had no idea just how deeply it will affect my life. Information on different ways to use it came to me from vaporization, to cannabis resin in creams, suppositories, oils or pure.

Then I found out about the existence of the synthetic cannabinoid THC and that it can officially be prescribed by Austrian doctors. I immediately visited the pioneer in the field of treatment with cannabinoids, the medical doctor Kurt Blaas from Vienna, who advised me for several years and prescribed Dronabinol. The effects of Dronabinoid were significantly lower than those of the natural form, that contains not only THC but over 140 cannabinoids and many other constituents.

While the disease was active I was using cannabis to treat the pain and other symptoms that were disappearing surprisingly fast. Highly concentrated cannabis resin with a wide spectrum of cannabinoids (made from different varieties of cannabis) in the form of suppositories stopped the bleeding in the intestines in a day or two and almost completely stopped the progress of the disease.

It is necessary to mention that besides the use cannabis I also completely changes the way of life, used enzymes and probiotics, changed my diet, started to practice karate to balance energies, meditate to calm the mind and changed the values in my life. Of course that did not happen overnight, but today I believe that cannabis was the key factor. During the time that I used cannabis, I made significant progress in my business life, since it also helped me lower the stress, that I was able to eradicate up to today.

Medical doctors and experts at that time did not know much about the health benefits of cannabis, but were not reluctant to show their adverse attitude. Cannabis was considered to be a dangerous drug with no health benefits in the eyes of Slovene experts. Despite that I decided to share my positive experience with using cannabis with my doctor first and some years later also with the specialist at the clinical center. I thought that my knowledge can help other, since I know that many in similar situations as was mine, would give the world for the information that there is a plant out there, that offers the potential of healing.

I learned that it is necessary to check the source of cannabis, where it is coming from and with what purpose it was grown. Believe it or not, if the preparations are made industrially-large scale, where the seller is only focused on the profit or without the “heart”  the effectiveness is much lower, at times it can even be harmful. Besides the resin of some manufacturers still have traces of solvents, that are harmful, so the source has a crucial role.   

Many years after my diagnosis I decided to reduce the doses of prescribed medications, that had several pages long lists of know adverse side effects. Since I was not experiencing any complications during the reduction, I stopped using all prescribed pharmaceutical medications. My medical chech-ups are showing that my health condition has since improved and stabilized and today I do not have any symptoms, aside from some consequences of the initial disease.

Besides dealing with serious health problems fate had some more in store for me. I was prosecuted and before the case was closed to my benefit two years passed and during that time the situation demanded a lot of nerves and caused many worries, what indeed was not recommendable considering my health situation.

Inspite of it all it all ended well for me. Today im rich with experiences, insights and a wish that patients and users would no longer be prosecuted, to have the access to desired cannabis preparation and have the free choice of how, with what and with the help of who they are treated and lastly to be able to grow “the plant of salvation” on their own garden.


Male, 47 years old Burnout JANUARY 2021
Dr. Arno Hazekamp Cannabis in the Netherlands DECEMBER 2020