Introduction to I.CANNA.BLOG

Date: 02.09.2016

''Since a lot is already known in this filed we need to pursue appropriate legislation in this filed - regulation with the focus on individuals.''

Cannabis sativa – an exceptional plant, one of the most versatile and usable plants on our planet. Now days unfortunately seen as either plant of evil or glorified as the plant of salvation. More then ever the topic on this plant, the use and effects of different cannabinoids and other constituents is needed. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the 80iets has proven beyond doubt the need for accelerated and throughout approach in this filed. Further the discovery of the entourage effect, the natural synergism of the ingredients in the plant, has very clearly demonstrated the benefits of the natural substances before the synthetic.

Unfortunately the scientists, working in this filed, are facing many legal obstacles, little or no material or moral support for research, many bureaucratic obstacles, the decision makes holding back and experts with little understanding and/or interest. All of the above cause the most damage to the users, especially in the most sensitive area – medical. Patients are usually left to them self’s, instead of the getting valid information and safe access. It is paradoxical that in many cases the users/patients even have more knowledge about cannabis and cannabinoids then the doctors and experts.

The endocannabinoid system is a unique signaling system that is inherent to all humans.  More and more research is proving its exceptional role in our bodies. So why are we irrationally and irresponsibly ignoring currently known research, findings and empiric experiences about the influence of cannabinoids on health and well-being? It is the duty and responsibility  of us researchers to open a prudent and wise discussion in this field. This blog is one of the ways to create a space for such discussions to take place.

In spite some of the changes we see lately, it is clear that additional efforts are in place to motivate experts, scientists, researchers from diverse fields and state officials at the national and international level. It is understandable that there are some impediments and prejudices but this can not be the reason for unsuitable legislation and obstruction of research and development, On the contrary, since a lot is already known, it is time to pursue appropriate legislation in this filed -  regulation with the focus on individuals, not bureaucracy. Considering we know little in comparison to what remains to be discovered, we have to devote interdisciplinary and thorough efforts for the sake of the individual and well as the society.

The civil society is very well informed and engaged, eager for a constructive debate. In face of many current myths and misinformation, there is a dire need for redefining the thought paradigm: not passively, but (pro)actively. Each of us can contribute a piece and together we can move barriers.

The coworkers in the Institute ICANNA have put together a thematic blog as a project, where we will host insightful experts, scientists, users, intellectuals, cultural workers, economist, politicians, legal experts, etc. who will  give a relatively short and insightful view on hemp and cannabis from different points of view each month. This may be a small step, but holds an important message.

I am coming to the end of the introduction into the I.CANNA.BLOG, that is in fact the beginning of this project. I am looking forward to the next month with great enthusiasm and curiosity, when we will host the esteemed college of the partner institute International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) from Prague, the executive chief director, medical doctor mr. Pavel Kubu. Kindly invited.

You can read the interview with Tanja Bagar, PhD, assistant professor in the September issue of VIVA, the magazine for a better life (Slovenian).


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