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16th Waters Users Meeting, Hemp production and cannabinoid extraction, Rimske Terme, November 2019 (Štukelj).

Cannabinoids in medicine, Certified educational course, Grossnondorf , Austria, November 2019 (Bagar).

Cultiva Cannabis Congress, Wien, Austria, October 2019 (Lah Turnšek, Neubauer).

Medical cannabis conference, Wien, Austria, October 2019, (Neubauer, Bagar).

Demystifying cannabis, Grand Hotel Union, Slovenia, October 2019 (Lah Turnšek, Bagar, Neubauer, Štukelj, Nolimal).

International AGRA fair, lecture held for the society for permaculture Slovenia, Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, August 2019 (Bagar, Šetinc).

5th festival of industrial hemp, Hum, Croatia, August 2019 (Bagar, Šetinc).

4th Rengeo's symposium of hemp and other crops, Vratarič Farm, Polana, Slovenia, July 2019 (Rengeo).

Slovenia experiences with use of cannabis products for children with resistant epilepsies or what have ve learned so far?, Wroclaw, Poland, May 2019 (Neubauer).

Treating difficult childhood epilepsies with cannabidiol and other cannbinoids (case reports), Beograd, Srbija, April 2019 (Neubauer).

(Ir)responsible science, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2019 (Nolimal).

Cooperation of the Institute ICANNA at the Faculty for social work in the frame of the course Politics in the filed of drugs and addiction, 4th year, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2019 (Grebenc).


7th scientific conference with international participation - All about people: Future fit!, Maribor, Slovenia, March 2019 (Bagar, Perdija).

Industrial hemp - nutritious food for every home, Novo mesto, Slovenia, March 2019 (Štukelj).

7th Slovenian conference about addiction treatment, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2019 (Nolimal).

Hemp/cannabis and malignant diseases: Science against prejudice and abuse, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2019 (Lah Turnšek, Bagar).

iTECH 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2019, (Bagar, Neubauer).

A lecture entitled Industrial hemp - nutritious food for every home, Črnomelj, Slovenia, January 2019, (Štukelj).

Fourth Congress of the Slovenian Society for Toxicology (SloTOX), Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 2019 (Neubauer).

CannaPaed Symposium 2019, Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 2019 (Bagar, Neubauer).







Univ. Prof. Dr. Otto Lesch Cannabis and addiction OCTOBER 2019
Majda Barbara Povše, Ph.D. Hemp seed - a treasure trove of essential nutrients SEPTEMBER 2019