Cultiva Cannabis Congress, Wien, Austria, October 2019 (Bagar, Neubauer).

Demystifying cannabis, Grand Hotel Union, Slovenia, October 2019 (Lah Turnšek, Bagar, Neubauer, Štukelj).

4th Rengeo's symposium of hemp and other crops, Vratarič Farm, Polana, Slovenia, July 2019 (Rengeo).

Slovenia experiences with use of cannabis products for children with resistant epilepsies or what have ve learned so far?, Wroclaw, Poland, May 2019 (Neubauer).

Treating difficult childhood epilepsies with cannabidiol and other cannbinoids (case reports), Beograd, Srbija, April 2019 (Neubauer).


Patient: 64 years old, mother of three, grandmother of two Happy to be able to play with my grandchildren AUGUST 2019
Dr. Laetitia Marrot The whole picture of hemp JULY 2019